Elixo smart io

The new standard motor for connected sliding gates

Elixo smart io is a new rack motor for sliding gate which features the assets of the io-homecontrol radio technology. This motor is compatible with all the equipment from the Somfy io range: garage door, roller shutters, awnings, alarm system, video door phone etc. and can be controlled remotely with a smartphone, tablet, or computer with TaHoma and Connexoon Access io home automation boxes and their dedicated connected apps.

Concentrated efficiency

  • Take control of the essential parameters for a professional installation
  • Unique ergonomics for the smart io range for an easy 3 steps set up: wiring, setting and accessorizing.
Discover Elixo Smart io in video
Elixo smart io rack motor is adapted to all types of new or existing sliding gates: up to 6 meters and 300 kg whatever their materials: wood, steel, alumium or PVC and with or without a rack cover.

This system has been designated with an output for remote lighting. The light can be automatically switched on with the gate, and controlled independently.


WIRING without error wiring
  • Extractible, independent, and clearly identified terminals blocks.
  • 230V and 24V zones clearly separated.
  • Wired input status indicator lights.

SETTING in less than 90 secs
  • 4 separate buttons for programming: 1 button = 1 function.
  • 6 key settings: operating mode, speed, slow-down area, obstacle detection sensitivity, type of photocells, automatic test for sensor bar.
  • Rotation direction reversal (press + and - at the same time)

ACCESSORISING for enhanced comfort and safety
  • Comfort accessories: wired control inputs, backup battery, lighting, video door phone, etc.
  • Safety accessories: photocells, orange light, sensor bar.
Specific assets

Specific assets

    1. Save time and preserve the gate's appearance.
      Built-in encoder.
      No limit switch on the rack.

    2. Secure unlocking.
      Individual key.

    3. Simplified upgrade & robust attachment.
      Foundation plate and metal drop-in anchors included in the kit.


Bring your customers into the comfort of connected living, installing them our home automation boxes with their dedicated apps: TaHoma and Connexoon Access io. With the Connexoon Access io app, your customers can use the geolocation function to automatically open the electric gate when they're arriving and close it when they're leaving.

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