New WireFree motor range for blinds & curtains Make a move.
FREE your perspectives.
Somfy's new WireFree motorisation range is designed for all types of blinds and curtains to fit any window size. This easy-to-install solution for residential homes and small commercial projects is powered by a rechargeable battery.
Make the move to new sales opportunities
As Somfy WireFree motors require no electrical wiring, you benefit from easy installation – saving time and money.
Easily convince your customers with our range’s key selling points :
  • Compatible with all types of blinds (roller, zebra, roman, venetian, pleated & cellular…) and curtains (traditional, ripple-fold, accordion…), to fit any window size.
  • Clean installation : no wires, blend seamlessly into the home
  • Long-life rechargeable batteries
  • Unobtrusive operation with Designed for silence range
  • Various control devices possibilities: wall switch, remote control or smartphone app
  • Voice control compatibility
Make the move to a better customer experience
Enrich customer’s daily life by empowering natural light control at a touch. Users can easily set different moods, ambiances or protect their privacy.
Create more opportunities with our home automation box and its dedicated App or even with simple voice command with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
Show your customers you care about them with by offering child-safe and pet-friendly solutions, cordless.
Why choose Somfy WireFree Li-Ion motors?
The Somfy Li-Ion offer is comprised of motors, battery packs and chargers. Each element is meticulously tested to ensure safe and optimal performance.
Li-Ion battery
It is a type of rechargeable battery, with mature & proven technology. Compliant with IEC and UL.

Somfy offers long-lasting batteries that need to be recharged only once or twice a year.

Somfy guarantees the choice of the most reliable suppliers with controlled manufacturing process.
Interior Blinds Discover our WireFree motors for Interior blinds
Sonesse® ULTRA 30 WireFree Li-Ion
The ULTRA powerful, ULTRA easy and ULTRA quiet motor for interior blinds. It fits to roller, zebra, roman, venetian, pleated & cellular blinds.
Sonesse® 28 WireFree Li-Ion
Sonesse® 28 WireFree Li-Ion is the multi-functional motor, with quiet operation. This motor is easy-to-install and features a lithium battery. It fits to roller, roman, zebra, pleated & cellular blinds.
Roll Up 24 WireFree Li-Ion
Roll Up 24 WireFree Li-Ion is the smallest motor for the smallest tube. It fits to roller, roman and zebra blinds on narrow tubes.
Tilt & Lift 25 WireFree Central
The Tilt & Lift 25 WireFree Central has been designed for tilting venetian blinds. It fits especially to 25mm headrail interior blinds. It features a quiet operation and is also adapted to venetian, roman, pleated and cellular blinds.
Curtains Discover our WireFree motors for curtains
Movelite™ WireFree
Movelite™ is the essential curtain motor accessible to all at a competitive entry level price point. This motor fits to straight track, and is adapted to classic curtains types. It features a compact battery to blend discreetly into any interior.
Irismo™ 45 WireFree
Irismo™ 45 WireFree is a quiet motor which includes a removable rechargeable battery. This motor fits to straight, bent, curved or ripple tracks and is adapted to classic, ripple fold, pinch pleated, and accordion fold curtains types.
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